Gamlet: "also filling not new wine in old hose-sets; otherwise the hoses, tear the wine is spilled, and spoil the hoses; but it fills new wine in new hoses, and both remain together."
(The Bible Matthew 9,17)
So the question "you want to be wine or hose?" one ask BTW only Fugger and vessel of your Krämer souls, ...nein, yourself and if you think you're close to madness, would be wrong then you're just on the wrong shelf of the foreign business...Believe in luxury, and take the time of all Zeiten...der simple phrase by the end of the enlightenment is satire: as said Maxim Korki "you want to be hammer or Ambos"!
Weather report: all out on the street, Carnival is's, favorite and truest season in the land of the incorrectly filled candies...

1.3.14 23:24

Letzte Einträge: Volkspartei produzierter Rosinenpudding .

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